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The ISS parts logistics department manages all equipment, parts acquisition and distribution. Our carefully cultivated network of relationships with computer parts vendors gives us a competitive edge over the competition. We have direct lines into most major OEM plants: Apple, AST, Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, IBM, and Xerox. We also maintain a multitude of computer resource relationships with national parts suppliers and service partners throughout the United States and Canada. These relationships assure us same day delivery /overnight delivery of hot critical parts and services to the customer locations, as well as a large inventory of spares, and most importantly, the ability to keep our client's systems running.

Effective parts/equipment sourcing combined with predictive information on equipment performance, which our database can provide, puts a sharper edge on our competitive offerings.

Preventive Maintenance

Everyone would agree that fast, effective computer service saves both time and money. We find that some customers are so focused on quick response that they forget another vitally important point: reducing the frequency of breakdowns saves even more! That is why we make a point to include preventative maintenance at no additional labor charge.

Each time a call is answered by an ISS field engineer, he or she will perform appropriate:

     ISS     Diagnostic procedures
     ISS     Internal/External cleaning
     ISS     Filter Replacement
     ISS     Lubrication of moving parts
     ISS     Other tasks that increase the dependability and life expectancy of PCs, terminals, and printers.


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